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Д-р ИРЕНА БОГОЕВА: Влияние на експозицията от органофосфорни пестициди върху развитието на плода по време на бременност

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Influence of organophosphate pesticides exposure on the fetus development

during pregnancy


One of the major classes of pesticides is that of organophosphate. Like most of the chemical insecticides used in modern agriculture, organophosphate are predominantly neurotoxicants and act by damaging the nervous system of the target species. But, organophosphate pesticides are highly toxic to non-target species, including humans. The widespread use of organophosphate pesticides for insect control has resulted in ubiquitous exposure to human population. There is convincing evidence that exposure, even at low levels, during fetal development in pregnancy, results in a number of negative effects, like neurological disorders as well as structural disturbances in brain development, for the newborn. A positive dose-response relationship has been established between exposure to pesticides and disturbances in the development of the nervous system. It is necessary to introduce adequate measures to protect children from exposure to organophosphate insecticides.